Fully Body massage - home service ? Baguio City in Baguio City, Cordillera Administrative Region


Are you stress? why not try to go for a massage...we offer full body massage, back massage home service with a very affordable rates from 200 to 400 only.
Male and female massage experts are available.
Call or text: 09104867168
Adress: Baguio City and nearby places.
Combination of Shaitsu, swedish, reflex, thai and the traditional hilot
Shiatsu - Utilizes a combination of pressure and assisted-stretching techniques. The treatment stimulates the circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid, releases toxins and deep seated tensions from the muscles, stimulates the hormonal system and the immune system, and acts on the autonomic nervous system, allowing the recipient to relax deeply and to get in touch with own healing power.
Swedish Massage uses five main strokes, and many variations, to achieve its relaxing and healing effects.
Reflex - Alternative and integral therapies for insomnia
**Reflexologists believe that every part of the body is reflected in reflex areas on the hands and feet According to them, the body is divided into ten vertical zones or channels of energy, which run from the head down through the body and surface at the reflex areas on the hands and feet. By applying finger and thumb pressure to a specific point on the foot, the therapist can stimulate or rebalance the energy in the related zone and improve the health of the associated body parts. Treatments are aimed at stimulating the body's own healing potential.
Thai -Thai massage is a unique blend of deep tissue massage using pressure point and stretching techniques to reduce stress and muscle soreness.
Traditional Hilot- Hilot is part of the Philippine traditional folk medicine that has survived the ages despite the omnipresence of modern technology. Hilot encompasses a wide variety of techniques beyond the treatment of stressed muscles. Hilot is used to reset dislocated and sprained joints, diagnose and treat musculoligamentous and musculoskeletal ailments, and even to aid in giving birth and to induce abortion.