HIRING MALE AND FEMALE PHONE ENGLISH TUTORS!!! in Baguio City, Cordillera Administrative Region


Pangalan ng kumpanya: RSVP CALL CENTER
Uri ng Posisyon: Part-time
Range ng sweldo: 9,000 - 25,000
Would you considermoving to Baguio City to work in a (very) unconventionalcall center?
We are RSVP Call Center. Filipino-owned and home-based, no one's a Gilbert here. Certainly, no Dilbertish cubicles. What we have are regular-sized rooms with four roomlets, each one equipped with a PC and phones. Call it "personal space," tutors are allowed to decorate according to personal preference orpersonal tolerance for garishness. Meals and coffee-breaks are taken outside in a stylized kubo dubbed ?Java the Hut.? Smoke breaks are encouragedat the topmost level of our tower-like building, featuring a 360 degree view of Baguio and the Cordillera mountain ranges. (Oh yeah, in lieu of Catbert, an authentic Korean Jindo--- called, well, "Jindo"---has the run of the office.)
Our product is Phone English and our students are mainly Korean professionals and office workers(in Korea). All our agents---we call them "tutors"---are women. No supervisors and no team leaders, there is no politicking andlittle pressure.Tutors are responsible for the quality of their individual work, andcommunicate with Management mostly via chat and a message-slot system whichthey check upon time-in.
Classes are ten minutes per student per day. These basically involve engaging the student in aconversation in English(helped along bydiscussion materials) and making immediate corrections to his/her grammar and pronunciation. All the calls are outbound. (Read: finger-based).Tutors call the same student at the same time, Mondays to Fridays, until his/her End of Contract (which is renewable).
Working schedules are flexible: Morning Shift (5AM to 11AM), Mid-Shift (10AM to 4PM) and Evening shift (5PM to 11PM). Tutors are welcome to work any or all shifts, depending on their motivation to earn (and the extent of their willingness to give up their social lives). Multiple-shifters are allowed to sleep-in---which essentially means they live in the call center---and work in their pyjamas if they wish. Weekends however are sacred. We don?t work them thus it's imperative that tutorswork smart.
The pay is way above parthe goingBaguio rate, and definitely atpar with Manila. Computed simply as follows: PhP 363.00multiplied by the number of students (low 25 to 35, high 50 to 60, some tutors have as many as 65),PLUS Holiday Pay, Service Incentive Leave, 13th Month Pay and Discretionary Performance Incentives. Expect all the usualbenefits---SSS, PHIC, Pagibig, Night Differential andOvertime Pay---to be applied on thefirst dayof work.
Our basic qualifications cannot be anysimpler:
1) Applicant?s spoken English must approximatethat of a native speaker
2) Written English must be excellent
Other considerations, whilejust as relevant, are counter-weighted by above.
We are hiring for November 2009class openings for two new accounts.
Interested? Email your resume to acestrada2@gmail.com or SMS 0917-501-7787. Our mailing address is: RSVP Call Center, The RSVP Tower, 38 First Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City.
Our application process is as follows
1) An initial interview/screening isconducted over the phone. The emphasis being accent and intonation, applicants are usually asked to relate afunny story.
2) Passersare invited toBaguio to take adiagnostic exam (English-centered)
3) A personal interview with the Operations Manager immediately follows
4) Passersof that interview areendorsed to theCTO/CFO forinterview
5) Passers of that intervieware endorsed to the CEO for interview
6) Passers of that interview are invited to observeone shift (involves staying for about4 hours, having breakfast or dinner in the call centerand being introduced to the tutors)in order for them to get an actualfeel for the job.
7) Panel interview with Operations Manager, CTO/CFO and CEO follows
8) Confirmation of employment and contract signing